Drag and drop PNG support, widgets cache fixed, change email

Time for the Friday update. This update is quite a big one and includes the following:
* Private images in dashboard link to "change image" page instead of the public image page.
* When picking a featured image (for example for a folder) you couldn't upload a image cause a 404 would appear. This is fixed.
* You can now change your email address. Handy!
* Guests can now post topics on forums (if enabled) and you can also moderate topics by guests if needed. Guests do get a invisible captcha (to prevent spam)
* The widgets containing images (like the folder, galleries widgets) now clear the cache when a new image is uploaded.
* The system can now automatically post a comment when a user reposts a image, see "Site settings" option "Post comment on repost image".
* Dragging png to the upload image form is now supported.
* Added a "Suggestion?" link to the dashboard, feel free to use it when you have a suggestions.

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