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I found a few serious bugs so i had to upload an update earlier than expected. This one includes the following:
* new dashboard section "Page message" (in "even more" section). Page messages allow you to change text messages the system used. For example when a user likes a image a comment is posted with the text "liked this". In "Page messages" you can change "liked this" to something else.
* New notification "Thumbnailr project related mails " (see your profile)
* Added new form field type: "Separator", to add a bit of space between form field sections.
* You can now hide comments per single page.
* Forms can now be attachments.
* The "Extra text in header " field in Branding section allows html.
* Timezone problem solved.
* Style > Global > CSS new option "Footer widget max. height in px."
* Added twitter link to front page.
* Copy account feature made more clear with steps, it also auto selects first account.

Another update:
* subdomains can now not only contains numbers but must always include at least one character (a-z).
* after copying a account you are now automatically logged in. Handy!
* the copy account feature now remembers if you enabled the "remember me" checkbox.
* new option in "linked accounts": Show sites from all linked users in public profile. When enabled this will show all the sites you have (including the once on your linked account) on your public profile.
* reposting a image now clears the widget cache.

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