A new week and a new update, this one took quite a while because of the wizard feature, here's the full list:
* Wizards, a wizard introduces you to all the dashboard which might be a bit overwhelming for a first timers. It currently features the following wizards: Add all images folder, Customize colors, Customize front page, New form, New page, New site, Upload image, Warning/cookie page. And because it is easy for me to create wizards expect more to come.
* You can now change your subdomain (only 3 times, but that should be enough)
* Adding specified hours to date while uploading images now works correctly.
* Few minor fixes, fine tuning and changes.

send Yes

* new site wizard now sends you back to wizard when site is created.
* added links to related pages to most wizards.
* when you have only 1 site you will be send to "site settings" after login.
* You can now specify which link appears behind the logo/image header.
* added a few links to related pages on several dashboard pages.

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