Suggest image widget and setup widget

* Suggest image widget (and home widget), this widget allows logged in users to "suggest" a image. A suggested image is marked as "suggested" and by default is only visible for webmasters (site owner). The webmaster can approve the suggested image (or remove it), once it is approved it will be visible for everyone. Related site settings: "Accept suggested image from Users (these will be marked as suggested)", "Only show Webmaster suggested images" and "Show suggested images when logged in".
* Set up widget, which is displayed by default when a new site is created. This widget helps the webmaster to quickly get started by displaying a handy todo list.
* Circle feature, you can now create circles. A circle can contain one or more users. You can for example create a circle "trusted" which contains all users that can suggest images without moderation. (see "suggest image" settings for details)
* New notification: "User suggests a image " (see your profile)
* Not approved images are by default gray scaled, you can disable this in the "Style" > "Image" section.
* Fine tuning and bug fixed.

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