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Social / share buttons and new global style sets

I've added share/social buttons on the image page. You can specify which buttons you want in the Style > Global > Social section. And of course a lot of fine tuning. Whoops almost forgot: i've create a few new global style sets: (thumbnailr) Blue and[...]

Suggest image widget and setup widget

* Suggest image widget (and home widget), this widget allows logged in users to "suggest" a image. A suggested image is marked as "suggested" and by default is only visible for webmasters (site owner). The webmaster can approve the suggested image (or[...]

All recent images from the network and more

Today is a new working day which includes a new update for the Thumbnailr project: * The buttons on the images page are not covered by the "switch site" menu anymore. * The "switch site" feature now works on the images page. * Uploaded images with random[...]

Online users widget, easy switch between sites and more

I've just uploaded quite a nice update which includes: * show online users on the forum index (the page that displays your subforums) * New widget: "Who is online", this widget shows which users are online including guests. * Added a preview site link[...]

Bit late update

Last Friday i fixed a few bugs and did a bit of fine tuning. Unfortunately i did not find time to update until after the weekend. But here it is: * When creating a new site a email is send. * New thumbnailr default theme. * Drag and drop image urls now[...]


A new week and a new update, this one took quite a while because of the wizard feature, here's the full list: * Wizards, a wizard introduces you to all the dashboard which might be a bit overwhelming for a first timers. It currently features the following[...]

Page messages and more

I found a few serious bugs so i had to upload an update earlier than expected. This one includes the following: * new dashboard section "Page message" (in "even more" section). Page messages allow you to change text messages the system used. For example[...]

Full image viewing and more

* IP address of poster of topic/reply can now be viewed. * IP address are now added to account related emails, you can disable this at "Even more" > "Mail formats". * The "insert content" button on forums is hidden from guests. * A reposted image now[...]

Drag and drop PNG support, widgets cache fixed, change email

Time for the Friday update. This update is quite a big one and includes the following: * Private images in dashboard link to "change image" page instead of the public image page. * When picking a featured image (for example for a folder) you couldn't[...]

New folder: show all images from all folders

Another day another update, this one includes: * New kind of folder that shows all images from all folders. * Style option to hide the footer. * The folder list can now be displayed in a grid instead of a list (see Style section)

Drag and drop images from other websites

* You can now drag and drop images from other websites to the "drop any image from any page here" area on the "Upload images". This will add to dropped image to your images. Handy: no need to save the image to hard disk and upload it. * Folders and images[...]

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